Medical CBD Cream for Joint and Arthritis Pain UK

The UK’s Premier retailer of CBD Cream used for Joint and Arthritis pain UK.

Remember ‘Not all CBD Cream in the UK is created equal’

Our 4 Key Points to Success:

1. ORGANIC – Our CBD Creams are made from hemp which is HARVESTED TO ORGANIC STANDARDS.

2. FULL EXTRACT – FULL EXTRACT CBD embraces all the natural waxes and fatty acids from the cannabis plant. 

3. MADE IN BRITAIN – Over 95% of the cannabis is grown in UK Home Office licensed premises.

4. LAB TESTED – All products are fully lab tested.

CBD Avenue

The UK's Premier CBD Cream Store for Joint and Arthritis Pain

CBD Avenue is home to the best CBD Creams for Joint and Arthritis pain.
  • General Aches and Pains Used for for those every day aches and pains after a hard days work. Rub in to your feet or back or anywhere you need relief.
  • Arthritis and Joint pain CBD is derived from the cannabis plant. People use CBD Cream for arthritis and joint pain.
  • Muscle relief The unique properties of CBD make it popular by for athletes, providing significant advantages for muscle recovery and relaxation.
  • Inflamattion There's research to suggest that CBD reduces inflammation by affecting activity in the body's endocannabinoid receptors.That goes for both chronic and acute inflammation.
  • Skin Care Our CBD Skin Creams are used for acne, eczema and for anti aging.
  • Headaches Many people rub a little CBD Cream to their temple to help with migraine and headaches.
About Our Dispensary

Why Choose CBD Avenue?

We use high quality and certified products manufactured in Britain

CBD Cream for arthritis and joint pain UK

FULL EXTRACTFULL EXTRACT CBD contains the natural waxes, fatty acids and all the active substances from the cannabis plant. This gives you the most potent and effective CBD.

ORGANIC – CBD Creams are made from cannabis which is EU approved and GM/pesticide/herbicide/fungicide free. 

MADE IN BRITAIN – Over 95% of our cannabis is grown in UK Home Office licensed facilities and even our recognised pharmaceutical grade packaging is British. Did you know? More than half of consumers want British brands to be made in the UK.

LAB TESTED – All our products are lab tested ensuring purity, potency and traceability.

EXTRACTION METHODS – We use the most modern and expensive methods to extract CBD. This is known as CO2 supercritical, ethanol and water extraction offering the highest quality CBD.

LEGAL PRODUCTS at 0.01 THC content or under. Giving you the assurance that our products are not only legal but safe to consume in your day to day life.

What makes us different from the rest?

Daniel Davies – Owner / CEO of CBD Avenue ” It is of fundamental importance to understand that not all CBD Cream is created equal. I want my customers to have the highest benefits possible. It is not the size of the bottle that counts, it is the quality, purity and strength of the CBD “

Since the CBD Boom in 2018 the market has become flooded with CBD companies jumping on the bandwagon. In fact there are over 5,000 companies in the UK selling CBD products but the number of companies that know how to produce quality CBD Cream can be counted with the number of fingers on one hand.

Our creams contain CBD to the highest standards for maximum effectiveness. All our cream products are Lab Tested showing the strength and purity which is important as many high street brands do not offer these benefits. This also ensures traceability!

CBD Avenue is known as one of the leaders within the UK CBD industry, doing what others have never attempted is something we pride ourselves upon. 

CBD Creams used for a variety of purposes

Since the CBD boom a few years ago estimated 6 million  in the UK use CBD.

Customers from all walks of life use our CBD Creams from those with arthritis to relieve pain to athletes for muscle recovery. CBD Cream is also very popular amongst the elderly.

  • Simple to apply and easily absorbed in to the skin.
  • Non greasy texture and aromatizing smell.
  • Rub CBD Cream in to your knees and joints or anywhere you feel it needs to be applied.
CBD Cream made to UK legal legislation

All of our products are certified as below the legal UK limit of 0.01 THC content or under. Giving you the assurance that our products are not only legal but safe to consume in your day to day life.

  • Meets UK legal CBD standards and laws.
  • CBD range to be future-proofed for the FSA’s 2021 Novel Foods regulation
  • You can check out all of our lab results on our main menu.
  • Safety, Purity and Quality with CBD Cream Shop.
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Lab tested products ensuring quality, purity and safety. Home to the best CBD Creams in the UK.

When purchasing CBD Avenue products, you can be assured that you are using the best and most reliable products on the market today.

View our Lab Test Purity Documents.

CBD Avenue Testimonials

What our customers say

I have been using the 500mg CBD Cream for 3 months and it really works wonders for the arthritis in my knees.

Stefanie Jones

I use the 500mg after playing football and going to the gym and it seems to speed up the recovery of the muscle ache.

Patric Stone

I have had arthritis since i was 22 and used lots of herbal remedies but find the 500mg CBD Cream a massive pain relief with my rheumatoid arthritis.

Sue Clark

Awesome product for pain relief! A concentrated cbd cream and great quality.

Sebastian Sampson