CBD for Cold Sores

CBD for Cold Sores

CBD Cream for Cold Sores

CBD Cream for Cold Sores

In this blog, we will talk how CBD Cream could possibly help treat cold sores. Considering 67% of the population suffers from cold sores, there’s a good chance this will help you. 

These painful and sore blisters found around your lips are no joke because they look terrible, can be painful and uncomfortable when eating. Who wants blisters on your lip filled with liquid? When the liquid oozes out it forms a bit of a crust and can be sensitive and itchy which can be very frustrating.

It is important to know that once you have the virus, there can be recurrences, more so if you’re stressed or you have a compromised immune system. You may notice that the cold sore comes and goes randomly.

The irritating herpes virus lies dormant in nerve cells in the skin, but they are always there ready to emerge again. 

Cold sores on your lips can last for about 4 – 10 days and you’ll no doubt have been pre-warned of it developing by having a tingling sensation around the lips.

It can be distressing knowing that the blisters can linger in such a prominent part of our faces which causes embaressment and it is also hard to hide. 

Attacking the Enemy – Cold Sores

Hearing about the medicinal benefits of CBD cream is like a lifeline thrown to people susceptible to things such as acne, eczema, and cold sores.

CBD cream is infused with cannabidiol and you can apply it directly to your cold sore. You need to know, however, that the effectiveness of your CBD cream will depend on the quality of it and its potency. It’s precisely why you want to do research and buy the best there is.

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Investing in high-quality CBD Cream is important!

You want a high-quality topical made with 100% plant-based ingredients as well as organic hemp extracts. Do thorough research because sometimes an excellent essential oil such as peppermint is added to the CBD cream to enhance the healing benefits and to give the cream an attractive scent but you will find this is not effective.

Find out everything about the CBD cream and make sure it  comes with lab tests and has the correct amount of CBD.

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As far as applying the CBD cream is concerned, read the labelling extensively and make sure that you follow the directions as to how many milligrams of CBD you need to use. The cream is both healing and soothing – helping to reduce pain and inflammation. 

Most people looking for CBD products like to use the Broad Spectrum meaning it has all the cannabinoids that occur naturally in the cannabis plant and are zero THC and therefore offers quality and purity.

If you are currently battling with a cold sore outbreak and you’re already dreading another outbreak once the first lot have healed, why not try CBD cream and discover for yourself the immense benefits? 

Other CBD Products to Strengthen the Immune System

According to research by James M. Nichols and Barbara L.F. Kaplan, it appears that “considering all the studies conducted on immune responses and inflammation, the data overwhelmingly demonstrate that CBD is immune suppressive and anti-inflammatory.”

While the definition of something being anti-inflammatory should be clear, CBD functioning as an immunosuppressant might require clarification.

Once you have the herpes simplex virus, it is with you forever, just hiding away, but once you are stressed or feeling in a run-down state, it emerges again, and you develop a cold sore. Some people must endure severe cold sore cases and become so distressed with the cold sores they resort to medical drugs which most times come with serious side effects. 

You can avoid alarming side effects and turn to more natural remedies for cold sores. Who knows, for the first time you may be able to go through life without suffering from cold sores.


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