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We are here to help our customers on our products and services.  Please drop us an email or call us via telephone.

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If you need more help

Please drop us an email or telephone us.We are always happy to help on our products and services. Commonly customers ask which product is the right one and we are happy to point you in the right direction!

Yes we accept all major credit cards such as visa and mastercard.

We use Trust Payments payment gateway. A leading card processor in the UK.

Only if the product is damaged or unfit for use.

Enter the code on the checkout.

Our gift vouchers last for 12 months from day of purchase.

If the event of your goods not turning up in time by our guidelines on our shipping page please contact us.

You can exchange an item if you ordered it incorrectly but you will have to pay the postage to return it.

We will refund you within 24hrs of it being sent back.  We only refund if goods are damaged and unfit for use.

CBD Cream dosage varies on the individual. In general we recommend applying CBD Cream 2 to 3 times a day. Use every day without missing a day, especially if you have arthritis.

Yes. All our creams contain 0.01% of THC or under which makes it UK legal.  This means that our products only contain miniscule trace amounts of CBD and it is not possible for it to show on any drug tests.